Your Keepsakes

How much of each keepsake do I need to send?

Breastmilk – 1 oz-2oz. The milk can be fresh, frozen for years, expired, etc. and can still be preserved! Milk will need to be thawed (room temperature), double bagged in milk storage bags, and labeled with your name on it.
Cremation Ash – 1 teaspoon. I recommend sending it in a sealed glass or plastic jar labeled with your name on it.
Dried Flowers – I can work with whatever you send me, but 1 small flower or 2 petals of a larger flower is best.
Hair – At least 1-2” long strands. The more hair you send, the more I have to work with and the better it will stand out in your piece.
Umbilical cord – ¼ - ½ inch stump. Must be completely dried.
Encapsulated Placenta – 1 pill.
*If your keepsake is not listed and you would like to have it made into jewelry, check with me to see if it is something I can work with.
**Please never send the last of something to me as I would be devastated if it was damaged or lost in the mail. With the exception of breast milk, I will return any remaining keepsakes to you when I mail your piece.

How should I mail my keepsakes?

• All keepsakes should be placed in a ziplock bag labeled with your name.
• The best way to mail your keepsakes is in a bubble mailer. However, since they are flat, hair and dried flowers can be mailed in a regular envelope, sandwiched between a paper towel.
• After you place an order, I will email you my address.

What is the turn around time?

• My current turn around time is 3-4 weeks from when I receive your keepsakes. I will notify you when I receive it and again when it is mailed out. My turn around time is subject to change due to the quantity of orders I am working on when you place your order. I will notify you if there is a change.

What is the process for preserving breast milk?

• Your breast milk is carefully preserved with a preservation powder made of natural ingredients to prevent milk from yellowing, molding, and other things that can happen to breast milk over time.