Caring for your Jewelry

Here are a few key tips for keeping your jewelry in the best condition and to help your Keepsake Jewelry to last forever:

    • Remove your jewelry before:
      • Getting it wet or sweating (swim, shower, exercise).
      • Applying lotion/make up/hair spray.
      • Cleaning with chemicals.
      • Going to sleep (bodily oils can affect sterling silver if worn constantly).
      • Doing any rough activity that might cause damage to your jewelry.
    • When not wearing your jewelry, store it in a safe place, away from heat and direct sun.
    • Use a special jewelry cleaning cloth (never tissue or paper towels) to clean your Keepsake Jewelry.

    *Not following these recommendations for care of your Keepsake Jewelry could result in the tarnishing of your jewelry or yellowing and damage of the stone.